My blog

In the blog section i introduce other artists and their works and also sometimes i share educational contents or some details about my works.

If you want me to introduce you and your works you can contact me on social media.

I need some of your works and some information(your works are more important than your information).
Works(at least 3): you can send me some of your works or i can choose them(or both).
Information(1 or 2 paragraphs): it would be great if you give me some basic information about your works, technique and especially yourself as an artist, like your thoughts, your exhibitions, your education, when and why you started, your bio, etc. (of course you decide what information you want to send me, it’s up to you.)

I’ll share it in English and Farsi on my blog with some links to the websites that are important to you like your website, Instagram, Patreon, etc. and also I’ll share a story about it on Instagram and Facebook and I’ll mention you in it.