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Francisco Postlethwaite

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Three chords (120×100 cm – oil and wax on canvas)

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Untitled (120×100 cm – oil and wax on wood)

Francisco Postlethwaite, a mexican painter from Baja California. Read More Francisco Postlethwaite

Andres Ciccone

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The vicar (80×120 cm, Acrylic, Ink, mixed media on canvas and wood, 2021)

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The timeless whisper (80×120 cm, Acrylic, Ink, mixed media, on canvas and wood)

Some of Andres Ciccone's works (Andres Alejandro) and information about his current exhibition. Read More Andres Ciccone

Martin Singer

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Porte de Versailles Contemporary Art Room

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LST-19 (acrylic and ink on cardboard, 23×26 cm)

"Outside the box" artworks by Martin Singer. Read More Martin Singer

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